Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fathers Day

The sexiest Dad around. Love Keri, Broden, and Bree.


The Nielsen's said...

Hey, I just wanted to know how come I'm not on the list of favorite blogs??? No just kidding!! Love the new updated pictures. Love Ya Linds

Wendell & Shantala said...

Keri, I love pictures!!!!!!!! Looks like you quys are haven a fun summmer.

the gilson's said...

I found your blog through Lindsay's and I was so excited. It was fun to see pictures of you and your beautiful family. We finally got moved and are still trying to get settled in. I feel like I havent' talked to you in forever. I hope everything is going ok. I tried to call you several times and was never able to get ahold of you...Then Dale wood told me that he ran into you in Brigham and that everything turned out ok with Broden. You'll have to give me your address, Dex is anxious to send letters to some of his friends.

Love you and hope everything is going ok,
Keep in touch,

Kim said...

Love all the pics - sounds like you have been having a busy summer! Would love to get in touch and come see ya! Hope all is going well!

Dimick's said...

I'm so glad that I bumped into you last weekend. Thanks for the fun chat and for catching up a bit. I hope everything is on the up and up for you and your family.
Take it easy, and I'll see you in a few weeks.

Lion & Lioness said...

Hi! You may remember me, you may not. Anyway I found your blog and just wanted to say hi and you have a beautiful family.

The Allen Fam said...

Hey Keri, This is Becky (Howard) Allen. I ran across your blog and am so excited to see how you are doing!!! It has been a long time!! Your family is so cute!! How is your Mom and the rest of your family?? Check us out at

Jessica said...

Keri! I found your blog! It was fun to get to know you a litle better at the reunion last weekend. Now I know where your blog is we can keep track of our families. Take care!

Rusts said...

tag you're it keri! My blog has the dtails!