Saturday, June 6, 2009

I updated my blog just for you ALISHA!

Bree was waiting for me to get off the phone with my mom and I went to find her. I found her asleep on her coloring book. She still had crayon in her hand! I just had to take a picture.

Moving to Boise

Broden and Bree insisted they both had to ride in the moving truck with Brian. I rode by myself and it was very NICE!! Thanks babe!

Bree can ride her bike with no training wheels!!

Bree misses her best friends Tyson and Ellie! We moved only two days ago and we really miss you guys! Thanks for being such great friends! We will see you soon! I took cute little Tyson with us to the store and a lady asked if all these are mine and if anyone went to school? I said no, she looked at me like I was crazy! It is so funny that he looks like he could be Bree and Broden's brother. We love you guys!


Bree with her best friends Tyson and Ellie. They had so much fun!

These kids are so cute together

Tyson, Bree, and Broden digging for FOSSILS and EGGS